Looking for a reliable day care center for your child is certainly a very important decision each parent should consider. Good to know that a dependable learning institution like Heavenly Haven exists.

Heavenly Haven is dedicated to the care and overall learning advancement of your child. We will provide a wide array of fun and learning activities that promote a lifetime of memorable moments. Feel relaxed because you have chosen the right people who will develop your child’s wonderful potentials.

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Importance of Value Education in Preschool

A child’s most rigorous learning activity happens during the very first few years. As soon as they are born, they begin to try to observe, capture and imitate the world around them. The first few words they begin to speak are going to be the names of their family, friends and those of their favorite […]

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Helping Children Understand

Disciplining a toddler can be quite a confusing task, and to some it feels like almost impossible. Many parents are finding it hard to cope with the tantrums of their toddler, and they make a very simple situation complicated by the lack of understanding and thought. Disciplining doesn’t necessarily imply violence, beat-up and scuffles, but […]

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How to Stop your Toddler from Biting

Biting is a very common habit among all toddlers and there are many reasons why they do it. They do it to express their emotion, such as love, which explains why mothers are the top victims of toddler bite. They are probably doing it to ease the pain in their developing gums. They can also […]

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How Play Time Helps Skill Development

Playing is seen by some parents as just another waste of time. They hold the notion that it makes no contribution to the learning habits of children. So they hold them back and run the risk of cheating a vital activity for the children. Children are little creative geniuses, and they must be allowed to […]

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